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Cryogenic products are use in a wide range of industries, form biotechnology and university research to beverage applications, electronics and artificial insemination. We will help you make the right system decisions to achieve your production goals.

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NCM is an authorized distributor of Vacuum Barrier Corportation, a worldwide liquid nitrogen systems provider. We provide cryogenic handling and injection equipment for the food and beverage, semiconductor, automotive, pharmaceutical and lighting industries.

NCM Is an authorized distributor for Stirling Cryogenics, a worlside leader in stand alone cryogenic cooling systems

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NCM offers a wide range of Liquid Nitrogen, CO2, Oxygen and Helium storage reservoirs and accessories from leading manufacturers

NCM offers a wide range of Dry Ice relatedequipment from Pelletizers, Presses, Reforemaers, Dry Ice Boxes, etc.

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